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This is a well made case that is sized nicely to house one Vox AC30 combo amp, however: Check the dimensions of your amp for proper fit before ordering since your amp dimensions might be different. The AC15 Custom also offers footswitchable spring reverb and classic VOX tremolo to enhance the already impressive sound. Vox is a general interest news site for the 21st century. Please check your amp dimensions to verify the case fit. Each channel is equipped with its own Volume control, and the Top Boost channel offers highly interactive Treble and Bass tone controls. This is why I took 1 star off for ‘handling. Designed to the precise dimensions of the VOX AC15C1, these covers are made from a durable, high-quality canvas that is specially treated to be tear and water resistant.

Dating rola celestion speakers

Since I primarily collect amps by Fender, and guitars by Gibson, Fender, Martin, National, Epiphone, Gretsch and Rickenbacker, I really can’t help them with these other less popular brands. As you have probably noticed, there is plenty of information here to help date the brands that I am interested in. But where does that leave everyone else?

Well I’m not one to leave you out in the informational cold, so here’s something that I use quite often in dating amplifiers and electric guitars. It’s called the “source-date code”, and it can help determine the approximate age of an electric instrument by the date its components were manufactured. Source-Date Codes On American made vintage gear, the pots and speakers provide an excellent opportunity to date a piece of equipment by referencing their “source-date code”.

Thanks to Eric from J. Rockett Pedals for this blog entry with information from Celestian info on the Celestion site about speaker.

I’m sure there’s way more players here that use 12’s than 10’s This all fits with the ”69 guesstimate. And this is where most opinions diverge. Guitar speaker catalogs Celestion speakers were all made in England at one time but sadly that is no longer the case. Jim the owner — a great guy, it seems is an expert on Celestions and collected dozens and dozens of them through the years, so he knows how they sound like.

Not very sure about the lead version though. I see MojoTone sells all this stuff. It’s worth mentioning since a lot of people rely on pot dates. Dating Rola Celestions – If we are unable to ship your purchase the same day we will ship it the following business day. The name of the resulting company was Rola Celestion; that of its products, Celestion — Production moved to Thames Ditton. There is no way you can differentiate celwstion the celsetion, no stickers like made in China etc.

The China speaker is made for Korg inc.

Back To Front Celestion Date Codes

The G2 Rokit studio monitor has radically curved edges which virtually eliminate diffraction and provides a wider sweet spot. Subwoofers allow you to use smaller main monitors, make it possible to monitor the essential low frequency range and can be a great solution for space-challenged control rooms or mixing environments. For the past 20 years, KRK Systems has been manufacturing high quality monitors and subs for studios.

Designed to be the perfect partner to the rest of the KRK ROKIT range, the KRK10S is engineered to give the low-frequence section of your mix the best possible output response whilst remaining punchy and crisp, all within a clean and tidy cabinet. The KRK 10S2 is designed to extend the low-frequency performance of an existing monitor system so that the low-frequency portion of the mix can be properly engineered. Make sure the sub is in phase with the speakers, and place the sub in a location where it yields the smoothest in-room response.

I’m the second owner, I bought these fabulous speakers about 20 years ago the S38 as a “bookshelf” speaker, I mounted the S38s on Celestion Si studio monitor in the iconic JBL configuration dating back to

Dear All, I am new in this forum and first off all I would like to thank you all for your passion in JBL vintage speakers. The main reason for building a new set of amplifiers came with purchasing a set of old studio monitors, the legendary JBL TE’s high-performance relays are designed to withstand the rigors of high shock, vibration, and acceleration encountered in military-aerospace applications.

Please see the Lansing Heritage site page for this set of ‘s by This is likely the only black set on the planet. Drive-units: reflex-loaded, 14″ pulp-cone woofer, 8″ polypropylene-cone lower-midrange unit, 5″ polypropylene-cone midrange unit, 1″ titanium-dome tweeter. Considered to be the pinnacle of classic JBL designs, the L is legendary in the audiophile community, with it’s large volume cabinet and A 15″ woofer, LE85 horn midrange, and ring tweeter.

Made to stringent military specifications, TE Connectivity TE high-performance relays feature state-of-the-art technology and set the industry standard for reliability. Pixel pitch tells you the distance from the center of one pixel photosite to the center of the next. I think it has to do with sound quality for the price, and the fact that they are pretty widely available. If you see other sellers advertising a low capacitance cable you better get the specs from them 1st before you believe it!

The B and B are rugged, powerful studio monitors designed for mixdown and mastering control room applications The result of an extensive research and development effort, they represent a refinement of the classic JBL two-way studio monitor loudspeaker system that Link JBL on Youtube.

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Remove it and cover it with a thick layer of Johnsons baby powder for an hour, then lightly blow it off with compressed air. It is in very good condition with no broken corners, no tears in the vinyl, new Vox grill cloth and vinyl piping. A simple control layout makes this very much a plug in and play set-up, with just Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume to worry about. A classic amp that defined early British tone! This AC is in good condition with minor wear and tear.

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Connecting between the amplifier output and the speaker cabinet, it allows you to use the power stage distortion of tube amplifiers while reducing the volume level – perfect for practice rooms. The sensor is a group of half-bridge strain gauge, there are 3 ways to use it : 1. Building the best and most affordable products is now possible with our awesome new mega factory.

But if not, no worries, the amp still works and it is probably more resilient than you think. Sweetwater ToneKing Grab the latest working Bugera coupons, discount codes and promos. If we change the load to ohms, the reflected load doubles and the frequency response shifts upward. Bugera amps are not the highest build quality, based on my experience with them. When the PS1 will be back in stock i will try one out. May 20, RoadRanger Supporting Member The Load Box The Ox Amp Top Box is a high-grade, reactive load in a top format for tube amps, which gives guitarists the freedom, to play and record at any time and at any volume level.

I’m going to try it slaved into a Matrix power amp as well, just waiting for a huge dummy load resistor I ordered. I wish I had a dummy load for my amps and i’d just use impulses since i’ve got a billion of them. So, to do this correctly, you need an oscilloscope, a frequency generator, a dummy load that can handle at least watts, and a digital multimeter. Place the Bugera PS1 in line between your tube amp and speaker cab to crank out that saturated overdrive tone from your amp without a visit from the cops.

For EL34’s, try to volts DC.

Dating Celestion Greenbacks

Speakers are extremely important when we are talking about tone. So, what should I get to achieve the tone I want? This article will be a maybe not so small post about the history of Celestion, as well as a brief description of each model they produced over the years. Celestion started as a manufacturer of speakers for general use radio, TV, etc.

Dec 17, – Celestion date codes are located on the front gasket, the chassis, Celestion Date Codes, Stamps & Dating Speakers – Bygone Tones Number.

Marshall amplifiers made hard rock possible. While Fender and Vox amps have their place in moving electrified guitar forward, the creations of Jim Marshall fostered an entirely new sound and allowed guitarists to fill stadiums with it. Marshall amps had such precedent-setting wattage and tone that their history can hardly be separated from the history of rock itself. We recently wrote an article detailing that rich history which you can read here , but for those simply looking to figure out how old their Marshall amp is, we offer this shortcut.

The guide below will help you quickly and clearly date Marshall amps and cabinets, without us waxing poetic about their influence. The best approach is to cross-reference the serial number with known features for the model during different eras and the personal account of previous owners. Getting the correct year is one thing, but getting the story behind an amp is the fun part. The guide for that is much simpler: be nice, ask questions, offer beer.

If you have absolutely no idea whether your Marshall is old or new, a good place to start is the model name or series. This will give you an approximate idea of the era during which your amp was manufactured. It’s also one more piece of evidence to pair with the serial number to corroborate the actual year.

The first Marshall amps were made in England starting in Production has continued there uninterrupted through today, though some lower-priced models are now made in China, India or Korea, depending on the series.

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If you are the site owner and are finished building the site you can click the link in the banner of the administration panel to disable it. Celestion serial dating Mesa gets a pair of much smaller celestion vintage celestions on ebay for general use, serial number question for k Results 1 vintage speakers have serial number and biacrown cabinets didn’t officially include serial numbers, primare. A pair with supreme serial number question for online for warranty service. Beautiful women in the date code printed in identifying the serial numbers were r emoved from france.

I just bought a ies Park (Marshall) 4×12 cab, loaded with what seems to be Celestions. I have not succeeded in determining the model or.

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All Celestion date codes contain a pair of letters representing the month and year the speaker was made. In most cases the first letter represents the month, and the second letter represents the year. To date your speaker, guitars find the pair of letters in your date code and use the chart at the top of the page to decipher them.

celestion speakers dating. For example EJ th May Date stamps are printed horizontally on the frame. The faint ink can sometimes make them difficult to read.

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