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The shell is sardonyx, perhaps the most desirable shell used for cameos, with its distinctive chocolate brown and contrasting white colors. Sardonyx is slow growing shell, so the supply has always been limited. This cameo has a bouquet of roses and lilies with wonderful detail in the individual petals and leaves. The shell is set in silver marked with a gold-wash twisted wire at the base of the bezel. There is a folding bail, so the cameo can be worn as a pendant necklace, or the bail can be adjusted so the cameo can be worn as a pin or brooch. The hinge style and locking c-clasp date this cameo to about –

Cameos 101: History of Cameo Jewelry, Value and More

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Made of shell and gold, they date back to about and were a gift of the Misses Cornelia and Susan Dehon in memory of Mrs. Sidney.

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Greenough – priced from abalone shell cameos dating to the.

Curious as to age of my cameo

Cameos are commonly made out of shell, coral, stone, lava , or glass. These carvings are history in either gold or silver. Jewelry jewelry has varying quality factors jewelry the intricacy of the carving to the quality of the setting. The first jewelry to appraising a cameo is to identify what the cameo is made out of.

Even though shells were carved from the ‘s most shell cameos were carved Age/Fakes: Since most shell cameos are Italian, they can be circa dated to

Study the piece under the loop carefully. First off, determine whether it is hand carved or machine made. Lasers are now used to create cameos. If the cameo has a snowy appearance to it, it is machine made. This texture and the lack of any undercutting is what is used to determine whether a cameo is machine-made. Next, try to determine what the cameo is made from.

Shell was one of the most popular materials used for cameos after Ivory was also used. If it has a c-clasp, the setting is most likely pre Besides women, men, flowers, and mythology were also used.

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Simply the cameo shell cameo that has a crescent shaped. Fans covet the hinge attaches the hinge attaches the ancient world, brooches from – 60 of tree.

Sometime when a shell grows it stretches leaving natural lines in the shell. These are not from age,drying out or cracks. They are the natural growth of the shell. So brand new cameos can have these lines especially seen from the back and they do not take away any value of the cameo. I love cameos. They are miniature works of art. Because of this I want everyone to learn about them. I have prepared this page to help you out. Cameo have doubled and in some cases tripled in price in the last 10 years.

Cameo Jewelry: Simple Tips for Authentication

Many different materials were used for carving cameos. These stones, with layers of different colors, allowed for depth and nuance in the carvings. Tropical helmet shell was extensively used for its good color contrast and depth of layers. The Cassus rufus variety was white and pink, the Cassus madagascariensis had white and brown layers. The depth of the white layer in the helmut shell was sufficient to allow very high relief with lots of detail.

Description: Cowrie-shell cameo showing the Triumph of Bacchus, Bacchus Original invoice for £55 to Anne Hull Grundy dated from sale on.

Antique cameos are beautiful works of art, as well as jewelry. Cameos can come in the form of a pin, necklace, brooch, ring or bracelet. Cameos have been in existence since ancient times; a cameo made from agate, dated from around B. The Victorian era saw a renewed interest in classics and many cameos from that time featured Greek gods and goddesses from mythology. In order to identify an antique cameo, a jeweler’s loupe is needed to closely examine the cameo to date it and also to tell if it’s fake.

Examine the cameo to identify the material. Cameos can be made from various materials: shell, stone, coral, lava, plastic, glass or ivory. The type of material can indicate what era it is from. During the Victorian era, many cameos were made from shell.

Vintage and Antique Cameos

Jewelry trends are cyclical; everything old eventually becomes new and cool again. Cameo jewelry is elegant and iconic. But with rising popularity comes an increase in imitation pieces. Nowadays, imitations are more realistic than ever before.

Dating a Cameo by its Closure and Mount. Antique Pin. The Closures and mounds are by far more accurate way of judging age. Handmade pins.

I still daydream about the masterfully carved huge bigger than an egg brooches I saw in the Italian pavilion of the JCK Las Vegas show several years ago. I think cameos are ideal for making one-of-a-kind jewelry, even today. Their designs range from ancient to traditional to modern and whimsical have you seen the sugar skull and unicorn cameos?

Jeanenne Bell, G. Here are the parts I found most interesting, to answer the most common questions about cameos. The men wore them in watch fobs, rings, and pins. Stone cameos were cut from onyx, agate, sardonyx, cornelian, coral, lava, and jet. When the travelers returned home, their friends were enchanted with these small works of art. The remainder is carved away to expose the darker ground.

In shell and stone cameos, the true artist takes advantage of different layers and faults in the material to enhance the design. Graceful, smooth-flowing lines with much detail are signs of a good one. The inferior ones seem to have sharper lines, fewer details, and a harsh look. Be sure to hold the cameo to the light and examine it for possible cracks.


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The first cameos were carved from stone, dating all the way back to B.C., Antique 10K gold brooch featuring a hand carved carnelian shell cameo, signed​.

Delivering the news jewelers need since This necklace and set of five brooches are part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Made of shell and gold, they date back to about and were a gift of the Misses Cornelia and Susan Dehon in memory of Mrs. Sidney Brooks. New York–Iconic jewelry trends have a way of resurfacing through the centuries, and the cameo is a perfect example.

Experts say that the jewelry style enjoyed the greatest popularity during the Roman era, the Renaissance and the 19th century. Necklace with a cameo of Elizabeth I made of gold, silver, diamond, emerald, pearl and agate and dating to about , England; Museum purchase with funds donated by Susan B.

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